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Grooming Services

Grooming services available

Midhurst Kennels and Cattery now have a grooming service available (Barks and Bubbles). We know that every animal is different and we will pay special attention to your pet's needs. We know that grooming is probably not your dog’s favourite activity (at least not yet!) and for that reason our focus is on creating a relaxed and stress free environment that will help to reduce anxiety and calm your furry friend during their appointment.

We understand how precious your time is, so you can schedule your furry friend’s regular groom or pamper bath to coincide with a day of play or a holiday stay – saving you time while your furry friend enjoys their stay.

An additional fee of up to $25.00 might be applied for late or extended stays that have not been arranged / approved. 
  • Pamper Bath & Dry

    Treat your dog to a refreshing pamper bath. Your dog will be shampooed, enjoy a gentle towel off, then finished using a hand held dryer, leaving their coat shiny and smelling fresh.

  • Full Groom

    We begin with a soothing pamper bath and dry and a careful comb out. Any de-matting is done at this time if necessary. After an invigorating blow dry and brush out, our groomers will give your dog a fresh full trim or clip to your breed specific instructions or style. Nail trim included.

  • Deshedding

    It’s a natural process that allows the new coat to come in. Some breeds shed all year round; others have a seasonal shed.