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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to book my pet in?

Yes, so we can have the cage/kennel ready on arrival. For Easter and Christmas holidays, it pays to book in at least two months prior.

What vaccinations are required?

  • Dogs
    • All vaccinations as recommended by your vet. - Bordatella (Canine Cough) is compulsory

  • Cats
    • All vaccinations as recommended by your vet. Cats / kittens not vaccinated need to have an initial vaccination and then a booster 3 weeks later, and then are safe to visit 7 days after the booster.

Vaccination Booklets / Certificates must accompany your pets on arrival and booking in process.

What food will my pet eat?

We have a variety of premium, complete and balanced diet for dogs and cats.

The dogs are fed twice a day.

The cats are fed twice a day with quality Cat Biscuits and or Jellimeats.

Owners wishing to supply special diets are welcome to do so.

What Exercise and Socialising will my pet receive?

As our saying goes - all pets will get cuddles and care!

The Cats are given individual attention while their cages are being cleaned and at meal times.
We are not a 'communal cattery', but your cat will get exercise out in the play area daily if they want to. It is all on 'their terms' and we want them to be stress free and happy.

The Dogs are exercised twice a day; in the mornings while their kennels are being cleaned and then again in the afternoon.
They will always be given individual attention and depending on their social skills, will have other dogs to play with in small groups.

We will never leave a group of dogs out exercising/playing unsupervised.

What do we need to bring?

  • Current Vaccination Certificate
  • Anything that makes your pet feel more 'at home' (No bean bags please!)
  • Any special dietary requirements or medication

Are there special times for dropping off and collecting?

Yes! To enable us to care for your pets, and for them to settle in to the routines, we require our hours to be followed strictly.
Our Hours are: Monday to Saturday 8am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm Sunday 4pm to 6pm only. We do ofcorse make exceptions for emergencies.

If your dog is coming to us for the first time, we strongly recommend you bring him/her in the morning drop-off slot. This means he/she has the day to interact with us and feel comfortable about staying the night.

What are the daily charges?

All Prices on Application
  • A 20% Sur-charge will be incurred on Public Holidays
  • All charges are per Calendar Day or Part There-Of
  1. Is it necessary to bring my pet in?
  2. What vaccinations are required?
    1. Dogs
    2. Cats
  3. What food will my pet eat?
  4. What exercise and Socialising will my pet recieve
  5. What do we need to bring?
  6. Are there special times for dropping off and collecting?
  7. What are the daily charges